Israyl Burgher Aka Ysrayl Gershom Herpes

Israyl Burgher Aka Ysrayl Gershom Herpes – Be very careful of this guy. He has HSV2 – The virus that causes genital herpes. This is a contagious and it is incurable. He NEVER discloses his status yet he knows that is has genital herpes. He puts women at risk for this disease because he has no morals. He is a liar and he will burn you (literally) in a heartbeat. I would stay far away from this dude.

He lives in New York (Harlem) but he frequents New Jersey. He says he is a reggae artist and a herbalist who cleanses his body. He knows he has genital herpes and he knows that the virus is incurable. Stay away from this guy!

He later admitted that he infected his pregnant girlfriend with genital herpes and as a result of her initial infection; it caused the baby to be born a stillborn. He is a truly a scum bag! Beware of this untalented derelict with no morals or values. This guy is a liar and you will be thankful if you avoid him.

I later found out that he left crack-cocaine in a studio and that he is known for sniffing this drug. (That might explain his ugly hair style) Don’t walk…RUN away from this dude.

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