Hanna Schulzetenberg GENITAL HERPES

This chick has genital herpes and lies about it and gives it to guys for fun. Dont listen to her lies and stay away frm her unless you want stuff all over you down there. genital herpes bro its a lifetime sentence and you will get it if you are with her just ask my bro

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  1. This is not true someone is doing this to fuck with her, the owner of this site should please take this down

  2. Wow. Agree with Jake. Totally false post by someone who is truly the diseased slut. If she had any class she would remove it, but losers like this have a dark contaminated heart and soul. Hey girl no one will luv ya once they find out what you are truly like.

  3. Rex SAnders gave HSV2 virus to her

  4. Part 2

  5. Rex Sanders from Apple Valley, MN gave Hanna herpes. He is the most vile, sociopathic and narcissistic human that has ever walked this earth. He is beyond evil and everyone should stay as far away from him as they can. He is awful and disgusting and a liar. He has sex with as many girls as he can convince to fuck him and never wears a condom. He should rot in fucking hell.

  6. Rex Sanders is also the one who posted this post and try to blame it on someone else. He was trying to prove to his current girlfriend that she actually had herpes.

  7. Lol I did not give her herpes. Here is proof of herpes scabs on Hanna Schulzetenberg’s vagina

  8. Herpes Hanna Masturbation

  9. Hanna Herpes Proof

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