Glenn Gee of Oklahoma has STD

Glenn Gee, Piedmont OK is a serial dater and cheater and is married. Stay away from him. Very high opinion of himself and has an STD.

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  1. This std post about Glenn Gee is FALSE AND A LIE. Glenn Gee of Oklahoma DOES NOT HAVE A STD. This FAKE NEWS post was made by a Crazy, Jealous , Stalker EX girlfriend who he dated before he got married , who is mad that he is a happily married man that doesn’t cheat on his wife. Glenn and his wife has been exclusively together since 2010 and is being stalked to this day by Crazy ,Losers, by malicious acts. You cant believe everything that you read on the internet, Like this site, that anyone can post trashy comments about someone without posting there name. Glenn Gee of Piedmont is well known family man who has been in business for many years is well like in his community. Hundreds of people who know Glenn Gee will testify of his honesty and his character. If you ever get the opportunity to talk to or meet Glenn you will have a friend for life.

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