George Osumi, VinnyD, Jackfrost,Vinniepmc 714-231-3016 [email protected] 949-385-1640 Orange County, CA

George Osumi, VinnyD, Jackfrost,Vinniepmc | 714-231-3016 | [email protected] | 949-385-1640 | Orange County, CA. Doesn’t like condoms. Has and passed GENITAL HERPES and aggressive HPV. He blatantly lied about having STDs

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  1. Is this the same dude that went to prison for stealing a bunch of wine in Irvine?
    If so, I imagine that Herpes is the least of worries once he is released from prison.
    Male inmates contract all kinds of STDS behind bars. [Oops, dropped the soap].
    If they weren’t gay before they went it, they often become ‘gay for the stay’.

  2. OMG! Is this true? How do I find out? I didn’t even know he had a criminal history.

  3. Most Recent:
    Accepted blow job from a woman claiming to be a realtor at a “convention” in San Jose over Thanksgiving weekend 2016.
    He then spread Gonorrhea to my best girlfriend when he returned.
    The poor woman has taken him back over and over for more than a decade and I can’t understand why.
    And it’s also true what RANDY P said, “George Osumi is a former inmate”. I can’t confirm he is/was ever gay, but know enough to say this man is bad news. Believe it, Ashley B,, whoever you are.

  4. Correction 2015

  5. Anyone posting about contracting STD’s is equally to blame.
    Be responsible ADULTS.
    Dont have unprotected sex without knowing the health history of a partner.

    Futhermore, if you date someone, then ‘later’ learn that they have a criminal past… ask ‘yourself’, why you didn’t run a background check before you met face to face”?

    It’s better to lump some personal accountability,than whine publicly with blame and

    I cant empathize for the posters paying the consequences of irresponsible sex.
    So I will only stress that we cannot forecast unpredictable behaviors of strangers around us; publically or intimately.

    June 2016 was the first time Osumi learned that KAT existed, he states.
    But someones accidental misdial to his previous phone number
    (949-630-1962) led to the discovery that KAT took the account over.
    It is normal to obtain a reassigned cell number on a new account.
    But when the person to adopt the number claims to others they know you and texts inappropriate responses to strangers about you…?

    Another unknown stranger to Osumi, he states.
    Her name had not been mentioned between people in close contact.

    One evening in June, a woman using the name Jennifer Hunt, approached this gentlemans former girlfriend with unsolicited insults and lude jesters at a Tustin pub.
    The girlfriend states they never formerly met prior to that.

    In a world populated by strangers, there is insanity.

  6. [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    [email protected]
    J.R. Osumi
    Gim Kano
    Bob Kono
    Bob Kano
    All aliass use by George Osumi in porn,cam and escort secks sites since 2015. Lies about his age and changes his hair styles and color too. Untrustworthy

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