Florencia Flornerea11 Munoz Dallas

This Latina trash gave my man warts. She’s has no class and purposely trys to break up marriages and relationships. She doesn’t give a fuck if a man is married, engaged, or in a relationship. She will tell them how to sneak around behind your back. She’s a ghetto ass wanna be that needs to get a real job instead of whoring herself out and relying on men to sleep with for money. She has herpes and gave my now ex warts. She will screw anyone without a condom. Stay away from that nasty fro. She rarely washes it and has lice. Guys! If you are married or in a relationship, Stay away. She will ruin your life, she will break up your family. She will bleed you dry for money.

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  1. Rosa Martinez // April 15, 2018 at 5:09 pm // Reply

    Need more information on Florencia from Dallas she is engaged to Grand son Oviosly this is not what I want my Grand Son to be getting in to please responses are greatly appreciated.

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