Exposed caution be on the lookout

I live in VA and I have HIV and I won’t tell u I have it and will give it too u and lie about it oh yes and I said it you can choose to sleep with me if you want I’m triflen and don’t give af about nobody’s health #exposed #fowl #nasty #sick #dying #hiv

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  1. Karisha Jimenez // December 24, 2017 at 9:02 pm // Reply

    Karisha Jimenez is being out on this site by a co worker who is hurt by her lies and stealing…she had sex with a co worker in the public work bathroom in exchange for drugs ….the guy was known to having herpes….This is to let people be aware of Karisha Jimenez she works at Valentine and Kebartas in Lawrence Ma ….and steals from her co workers ….She has a business called Queen K films where she spends all her money at the clubs instead of spending it on her child

  2. David Raymond Jr

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