Eric Paul Bruggeman, Texas

HIV/AIDS ALERT!! Eric Paul Bruggeman has been HIV positive for years due to a rampant methamphetamine and intravenous drug habit, alcoholism, and a secret homosexual relationship with an Aids positive male. He moved back in with his mother because he can’t support himself or his child; despite working from home as an employee for Dell. He claims to have severe IBS when he doesn’t want to make an appearance at the office or when he has one of his many doctor’s appointments. When he isn’t smoking marijuana, he’s out spreading this disease to men AND women without their knowledge! He claims to be allergic to latex! He is also incredibly volatile and abusive. He is clinically diagnosed as Bipolar and has spent numerous occasions in a mental health facility at the hands of his very own parents. This man is unstable and sick.. BEWARE!!

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