Emma orsborn is a herpes spreading bitch

She has been spreading herpes simplex virus 2 to multiple people and men in Avondale arizona. She enjoys having sex unprotected with as many men as possible,her cocaine habit has her screws loose, anything for a fix. She will fuck married men for money and Sneak out of daddys house on grandview just for a fuck huh emma!? her phone number is 623-293-8678.you have to call on a different number she’s too pussy to pick up restricted phone calls! She is only 18 years old! She has quite a bit of mileage. She will fuck any guy with a nice car and house. That’s the WHITE way. The best part is emma it costs $1000 to remove this post. Since you arent clean you fat bitch you can’t have it removed unless you have $1000 you unemployed peasant. Enjoy this for the rest of your life you std spreader bitch. Didn’t you Get raped multiple times? You deserved it bitch. Tell your suicidal brother I said hi!;)

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  1. Heygirlhey // July 11, 2018 at 6:26 pm // Reply

    This is the same bitch that I had sucking my dick a few days back outside of her house lol! Her dad is the mayor of buckeye actually and it’s funny to know that his daughter is truly a whore I mean she let me hit it raw twice Lol. White women are for everyone

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