Elizna Van Der Walt

Elizna Van Genital Wart spreads her filthy legs- and her Scabies/Lice/Genital warts/Chlamydia/Herpes to any man foolish enough to show her the slightest bit of attention whether he is married/single, or even an expectant Father, she’s not bothered- respect for others isn’t on her agenda. Her self esteem is obviously so low she’ll take anything she can get and turn a blind eye to the behaviour of deadbeat Dad’s, alcoholics, junkies, violent broke losers who live in soiled hovels- any cock will do for this silly little schoolgirl who clearly can’t aim any higher.

Elizna Van Der Walt. Desperate little Deakin University slut (originally from South Africa, but living in Melbourne, Australia) who wouldn’t know the first thing about decency, or morals.


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