Doris Vanbibber

Doris has screwed every man in Tampa especially at VIP bar and Steel Horse Tavern… and has plenty of STDs to show for it!!! This 50+ year old w**** will stop at nothing to draw attention to her pathetic self. She is your typical barfly hanging out and waiting for married men to come around. She met my husband at Steel Horse…She is fat disgusting and desperate. My ex started getting attitude when I kicked him out and wouldn’t tolerate his crap…he moved in with her within a week of knowing her…yes you heard right a week!! I hear they are both on meth and they have Hep now…..I do not want him back but I want everyone to know this is not the first time this skank has gotten with a married man….she even married an elderly man and took all his money. Girls beware this fat s*** will do everything to get your man.

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  1. Like OMG its been 4 years already honey get over it move on. Apparently you do still care or you would find better things to do with you time then talk abt this. Ha ha ha karma you get served what you deserve

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