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  1. OMG he just did this to me as well, I am in Utah, he said his car broke down said his tires blew and he couldnt get a hold of anyone to help him etc asked if i could at LEAST help him to pay for a tire, i helped him with one tire and he could do the other so stupid me i wired him 135$ and he still giving excuses on not being able to be paying it back same guy!!! STAY AWAY FROM THIS MAN HE prays on SINGLE MOMS~

  2. LOOSER SCAMMED ME out of over 100$ just 2 days ago ! 06/09/2018 it may not seem like alot but for a single mom its alot!!! stay away !! report him if he does this to you !!

  3. Met him 7/5 in SLC. He kept pushing for me to go back to his room – like an idiot that had too much to drink I did. When I insisted on a condom he said he didn’t have one… I said NO and he kept going til I hopped up took a shower and left. Hoping I don’t have anything incurable now…

  4. To the young lady that responded about meeting him on 7/5. You are lying. He didn’t force himself on you. And you didn’t look drunk on camera. I’m the hotel manager where he was staying. He didn’t force himself on you. You didn’t say no. You were screaming so loud that we had complaints about how loud you were. Don’t be a liar.

  5. The one that posted on 7/5 is lying lol. I was at the event we met at. She was all over him.

  6. Melanie Platt // July 21, 2018 at 2:37 am // Reply

    Oh goodness… ANY one defending him needs to be lock up as well. I have known this com artist for almost 2 years. My friends have been frightened for me that he was in slc. Anyone that actually wants to come forward please do

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