Dominique Keith of Savannah GA has HPV and Chlamydia

Flyboy_domo on plenty of fish Twitter and snapchat dom_dondada on Instagram has hov and chlamydia and has had it since 2016 spreading it to people he pretends to be sophisticated and put together has black explorer and stays on Montgomery and 41st he will probably be extra sweet make love not fuck and not use a condom he will sleep with you a few weeks or maybe only one get mad says he doesn’t want a relationship not know he sleeps with several woman at a time doesn’t use protection and will block you don’t fall for the initial charm sob stories or goals he has he is abusive will use you and control you if you recipricate his initial thirst I was his girlfriend for a year never have been able to get rid of my STDs him or other women he will stalk you if he replaced me with you don’t give him anything especially somewhere to crash or money because all he has is some STDs and a bad attitude or danger to offer

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