Do you know me? Sunset Carwash-Equinox Gym LA gay/HIV/herpes/rapist

Do you know me? I live off my parents who are doctor and a lawyer and drive a BMW but I work at a car wash and shill memberships at a gym. Sunset Carwash and Equinox Gym. This guy lives off his parents and sells steroids and xtasy pills,he’s infected with HIV and Herpes and will drug you and rape you(if you are male)he leaves women alone,he will tell you he modeled for guess and that he knows people that can get you work as a fashion model,then he breaks out the drugs and knocks you out,he drugged me and raped my ass and mouth and gave me HIV and herpes,he had the nerve to ask if we could still be friends,this guy is a sociopath,I couldn’t find his apartment but he said he works at the carwash and at the gym,his instagram page was on my phone though so I have something to show everyone to help save them,after I accused him he blocked me,everyone go to his page!! He’s dangerous rapist homo,I’m not gay I never wanted to get raped in the ass at 17 by a 45 year old Iraqi.

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