Deanna Mannix is a closet lesbian

Deanna Mannix is a stalker who has been obsessed with me, this whore wont leave me alone. She is known in town for propositioning men and women. She is married with kids but is a closet lesbian who will get obsessive and will try to ruin your life if you tell her to fuck off.

This slut is out of control, no one can control her she cockolds her man all the time, sleeping with all his friends. She is Richmond Hill in NSW, which is a smaall place and word gets around.

She has gonorrhea and has given it to a few people.

I was her friend and then she got weird and obsessed, I realised that she is a wacko and needs to be medicated at all time.

So Lismore area residents be very careful, this bitch is dangerous.

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