Darren Ambler- Sex Addict- Liar- Con Artist-Sociopath- Cherry Hill New Jersey -39 yrs:

Darren Ambler is a liar-con-man Sex addict /Drug Addict- Con-Man: He is a former drug addict turned sex addict. He gave me Chlamydia and recurrent yeast infections. The jerk slept with prostitutes and numerous females with low or “loose morals”. This guy is demented and is still conning and sleeping with unsuspecting women . Darren Ambler lives on Westbury Drive in Cherry Hill- New Jersey:
Darren Ambler is mentally deranged and a low life. He has no morals- scruples or conscience. God knows how many women he has infected. A real loser! Do not sleep with him he is disgusting and he will give you a disease also. He is a loser who preys on vulnerable women. He must have sex like a drug. He has absolutely no conscience and is extremely selfish. Health officials will track him down at the Westbury Drive address in Cherry Hill- New Jersey. If you live in his neighborhood keep your young daughters or 70 year old mothers away from him. He is a total geek and loser.

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  1. Very Scary…i wonder now how many guys have a checkered past that they attempt to hide from us ladies? I am glad web-sites such as these expose the dirt bags. This web-site and ones similar may save lives and emotional distress.

  2. Walker P Stone is an unemployed loser. Who spreads STDS via meeting girls on The League, Tinder, Bumble, and General Assembly. He is unemployed and cant pay his rent. He like slanted eyed twinks and white trash girls. He ha anal with MIMI from General Assembly who was in his UX class.

    Walker P Stone, an UNEMPLOYED UX Wannabe designer living in San Francisco, heis going around the beautiful state Pacific Heights, San Francisco making creepy sexual advances.
    He lures (unattractive young, impoverished countryside/Midwest/foreign girls) for unprotected sex were he spreads his herpes sores.
    He brags about “having sex with an estimated 300 women, 10 of whom are virgins and 20 of whom are CHINKY Asians AND TRAILER TRASH so that he can ‘feel the back of their walls’”. Here’s INSTAGRAM.COM/WALKERPSTONE
    To gain more insight to his personality where he follows “@saraunderwood @sommeray” And retweets THESE GIRLS BODY PART AFTER CUMMING ON THEM. Once or twice he “would have sex/rape fat chicks just to amuse his friends” and proudly declares so. Most rape are committed among casual acquaintances so I implore any women in association with him, or just anyone in general, who has ever been in such a stressful situation to know your rights and come forward so we can emotionally support each other so legal authorities can make better decisions as we help make or towns/cities a safer place by.

  3. Disgusting….you mean he will sleep with old women? Oh wow- I better watch my 94 year old Grandmother. What a slime……….

  4. Darren Ambler- disgusting scum bucket with no “MORAl standards…Hope he doesn’t have children/ God help them. Being raised by a No Good- STD Carrying Crumb.

  5. Dirty Pig! Low life!! Leave Females alone!

  6. Walter Stone and this Darren Ambler seem to be popular figures on web-sites such as these. It is sad that someone lives like this…Sex sex sex and self-Gratification….There is more to life than that. You guys are real “BIG MEN” abusing females and controlling them through sex. Thank God..I have a decent respectable husband whom loves me and my daughters. These sex phenes are going to ruin their lives and possibly end up in the slammer one day! Thanks for the information.

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