Darren Ambler: / New Jersey Sex Addict: Sociopath: Liar/ Gave me CHLAMYDIA:

Darren Ambler….aka..Damen Ambler…Is a Liar- Sociopath- Demented-Sex Addict-Predator: I met the creep on line and he cheated while he was having sex with me and he lied repeatedly about everything. Darren is an Internet Predator: Internet Abuser among other things:
I was unaware at the time that Darren Ambler was a Pathological Liar- Scum Bag that was addicted to sex- Pornography and Dirty Oral Sex: He is a Gross Insecure person with no morals and he has a split personality disorder..Darren used me for Sex- Oral Sex and sick degrading Pornographic Sexual Acts- He is a Professiona Con-Man and Liar:
Darren had sex with Hookers and many other gross Females desperate for a lay: Darren Ambler is a PIG. He gave me “CHLAMYDIA”. Darren did not like using protection during sex because he is a disgusting fool. I found out 8 months after the fact that I was infected. This Jerk – sex addict has to be spreading STD’s to other women- Because I got it from him. I am also now subject to repeated yeast infections because of this heartless- selfish- UGLY Jerk…Darren Ambler needs to be brought to Justice. The jerk may not realize that you have an untreated STD and you keep having sex with other partners and they get sick it can be a CRIMINAL OFFENSE:
==================================================================Darren Ambler I am sure would deny he gave me CHLAMYDIA but he absolutely did: He is pathologocal and a sociopath with no conscience..He is a former Drug Addict turned slime Sex Addict:
This Jerk needs to face reality – grow up- take care of his STD’s and stop lying and spreading disease: Darren probably caught STD’s from one of the Hookers he was with…Now i am suffering because of an UGlY selfish- Mentally deranged jerk.
PLEASE..anyone out there who comes into contact with Darren Ambler do not fall for his fake charm and lies. All he wants is SEX: He stalks sex sites on line looking for vulnerable prey: He wouls sleep with anyone out of necessity…He is a bad maladjusted human being…He even looks deranged: He acts like he is spaced out most of the time….He looks that way also. Very unattractive- just sex hungry: God knows how many other women may be ill right now because of this Liar sex addicted freak…
I know health officals have attempted to contact Darren Ambler without success…If Darren Ambler thinks he can run from health officals he is sadly mistaken. They will locate him sooner or later….Running and hiding will do no good…
Please do not have sex with this sick man. He will lie through his teeth about everything including his past- his sex partners- and of course about his STD status………..
==================================================================Darren Ambler aka…Damen Ambler..resides in Delran New Jersey..right outside of Willingboro..He currently works as a Pharmacist at Express Scripts/ Medco Inc located in Florence New Jersey..This Person must be stopped….
Darren Ambler is 39 years old and has no boundaries or conscience. He will sleep with anyone…No matter of age-marital status- nothing matters to him…He would do anything…Darren Ambler is also quite immature and easily controlled. Although he controls females through sex and sick sexual acts that only a demented person would think of engaging in:
To my knowledge Darren Ambler has kids. He should have his kids removed from his care due to his irratic and immoral behavior..I am still being treated from the disease/infection that Darren Ambler gave to me…………………..

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