Damian C. Fournier, Danbury, CT

Married Claiming separated. Had an answer for everything… total loser. Is only interestd in fulfilling his physical and emotional needs.

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  1. So sad for you Lori. Maybe you’re just a psycho bitch and the guy wanted nothing to do with you or your drug and alcohol problems. Get a life. Besides,,,,wouldn’t that make you a slut/whore/piece of trash for going after a “married” guy?? Lets see your pic up here!!

  2. Lori, I don’t know when you posted this but my fiance came home 2 weeks ago telling me how his co-worker was posted by 3 women on here. We never heard of this site before then and since I rented a terrible movie, as I always do it seems, we decided to check it out and my fiance found nothing, but of course the 1st name I typed in brought me here. I am not here to defend or protect him. Not sure if I was before you or after you? He fed me the exact same story you typed in brief..I say brief cuz we all know there is a whole lot more. He has been at this 20 yrs or close to it, and why he’s on his 2nd or 3rd wife (I lost count) I wasn’t the 1st and knew I wasn’t the last but sure there was someone inbetween. I am not making excuses for him but I know there are some psychological issues to his hurtful actions. Abandonment or parenal abuse I assume? I hated his guts at 1st until woman after woman came to me telling me the same story word for word that you and I also fell for. I now feel sorry for him cuz my life is moving forward while he is still trapped in a teenagers frame of mind and I pray you eventually feel the same way. He has so much self loathing and lack of self esteem that he seeks out that “new relationship” thrill that wears off too quick for him and also nrrds ressurance he is desirable (He’s nearing 50 so it’s not lasting long unfortuanatly for him.)Way I see it now it that I dodged a bullet cuz if he and I were married or a couple…he’d just be cheating on me daily instead of his current project. Take notice and thank God you realized it too. I hope he finds himself and realizes the hurt he left behind along with the eyewaking experience that led me to my wonderful fiance that without his neediness and lies…I may have never found. Your not at all a S***/W**** or alcholic with a drug problem I am sure. I know him well enough to know either he posted that reply or had someone else so he was updated on any new posts on here. So I ask now..stop playing with womens feelings and emotions for a feeling of confidence you’ll clearly never gain after all these years. Sad thing is, I know you most likely missed out on at least a dozen who would have treated you like gold. Note: There are a few employment places missing from his online work profile..places he doesn’t want traced for co-workers wives he also pulled the same on. You have 2 boys your a roll model for and right now your failing in that position. They deserve a better life and a chance at happiness… Don’t deny them that as a father. I understand why you are the way you are…but don’t place your burdends on that of your children…Give them a chance a real happiness and love. (I say this cuz I know it’s him who relpied to your post Lori. Like him to deflect burden for his actions…I just pray he spares his kids, knowing how it feels himself being brought up the way he was. Raise your standard Lori and make a man prove his actions, not his words and you will find yourself a wonderful man…I know it 😉

  3. the other lori! // June 24, 2014 at 2:39 am // Reply

    hello marie, its 2014. my name is lori and i did date this man, however i do not have two boys and didnt post this! lol. maybe he dated another lori and broke her heart? or someone used my name to post instead of their own? i can add he truly is a pathological liar and I believe he is very sick indeed….uses the fact that he is adopted to make you feel empathy for him.. he has, on occastion attempted to contact me over the years when he sees me on facebook or dating sites. he is divorced now but last time he contacted me his heart was being played by a married women! she went away on vaca and he showed up on my doorstep! he truly is a sick individual and i have no doubt he will spend his remaining years doing the same as always. love, for him, is a game but he is just another man playing with women’s hearts. i know he has felt what he has done to others. i happened across him again as i was going to go onto facebook…. but i closed my profile… he is very handy with a computer and i dont want to be bothered, he was and is a waste of time. i dont know who the other lori is but go girl! i think this site is hilarious and will use it for my dating purposes going forward. i certainly would have avoided this son of satan if i had found him on a site like this! good luck marie and wish you the best!

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