Crystal canela fake Pilates instructor, New York

First off let me start off by saying if anyone has came in contact with Miss Crystal Canela please go immediately and get yourself checked she has been spreading herpes around for five years she’s been in the industry of modeling and has met many men whom she has infected including me which I met her as she was a Pilates instructor’s which was a lie to cover up what she was really doing so it all started when I met Miss Crystal canela at a gym after inviting her out one night she made sure everything moved fast she got me to have a couple drinks with her which clearly you can see she had an alcohol problem because it was one after another after another after another drink after drink one thing led to another next thing you know I’m having sex with her months pass by and word got around at the gym about her all the males began to approach me and tell me they slept with her as well and that she is what you call Gym groupie then is when I knew I made a big mistake by letting this woman deceive me I was a happily married man that fell into Temptation biggest mistake of my lifeso I quickly started avoiding her but she got really persistent and kept on trying to contact me which led my wife to find out about our encounter when my wife found out she asked me if I used a condom I told her know that I was drunk and and she said I’m going to get tested which later resulted in her finding out she was infected with herpes which I gave to her from receiving them from Miss Crystal Canela ruined my marriage and most of all my health she needs to be stopped immediately if you get in contact with her be sure to use a condom so you don’t go through what I went through so here she is beware and be careful

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  1. I have a restraining against the woman who wrote this shit for stalking me & my daughter take this off!!!

  2. This is not true & very abusive! Remove this!!

  3. This was written by a female who has been stalking & harassing Crystal for 3 years whom she has never met. She now has a restraining order against this lunatic take this off immediately!

  4. So this website allows anyone to post anything about anyone without submitting proof of these allegations!? Contact this “person” & ask them for test results or some sort of proof!! They won’t submit it bc it’s a lie! this is very abusive remove this shit immediately!!

  5. This is not true & very abusive take this off!! This website allows anyone to post anything about anyone do u understand there are evil ppl out here who do shit like this out of jealousy?!? Remove this shit!!

  6. I’m Crystal & I have been dealing w/ the courts to get this false information removed which will be shortly. In the meantime I would just like to state the person who wrote this is a 23 year old cowardly over weight girl who has numerous restraining orders from various ppl for this exact reason. She suffers from mental illness & unfortunately I striked an interest in her & became her recent obsession. I’m flying to NY which I moved out of years ago- just to face this being in court & get this removed.

  7. Furthermore; I would like to state she has been on numerous websites, social media pretending to be me with pics she stole from my social media. This is a nightmare I’ve been dealing with since 2014. I never thought anyone had this much hate or time to even do this but then I found out she lives in the Bronx with her mom & fatherless child, doesn’t work & sits on the computer all day trying to ruin ppls lives as she has stated in a message via Facebook. She insults my child calling her horrible names just to get my reaction. Once I reply she stops for sometime then continues randomly months later when I pop into her mind again. I’ve never met this physco nor do I associate w/ low lives like this but this post was meant to humilate & embarrass me to make her self feel better about her sad self.

  8. I paid a lot of money to become a pilates instructor in 2014 & have taught in private studios through out the north east. I have never been a member to any gym in NY bc I practice pilates & Bikram yoga in private studios. Lastly this post was clearly written with lots of hate, I have never & will never deal with a married man. I modeled throughout my 20’s but haven’t in yearsss, I believe this girl is infactuated bc of this & bc I responded to her hate messages. More over, I have been in long term committed realationships my whole life, never have I slept around w random men nor would I allow that bc I have class & morals & anyone who knows me knows that is NOT my character.

  9. Anyone who reads & believes this is an imbecile & feel free to email me to see my test results. I have never had any type of disease & this whole website is a scam. They let ppl post anything, I’m sure some ppl may deserve to be on this site if they truly did infect someone but I certainly do not! I went to court obtained a restraining order against this woman & have emailed this website numerous times with this information to remove this & proof this woman has been stalking my child & I for years admitting she wants to ruin my life & this website just ignored me in hopes I pay internet reputation $399 (their sister company) to get it removed. I refuse I will be flying up to NY next week to get this handled, this has been devasting for myself & my family but god sees & knows all & evil never wins!

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