Courtney Pierson AKA King Cobu BKA Courtney P- Memphis, TN

Please keep away from this man. Everything he touches becomes infected. He’s constantly had and cured, and the recaught Trichimonias for three years in a row. He’s manipulative, selfish, and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Please RUN we you see this man because he’s the true meaning of just because everything look good, isn’t good. If you want an unpolluted womb, do not mess with him. Please beware of this nasty, disease carrier!!!

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  1. Hi my name is Courtney Pierson.
    And these are all false allegations about me. I have a scorned baby mother who intentions is to destroy my career. She’s just mad because I don’t want to deal with her anymore. Her name is Danielle Norrington and I am currently trying to sue her for Slandering. I am disease free and go to the clinic once every 3 months to check myself out. She’s just mad because I moved on with my life and I’m not having sex with her anymore so she’s trying to damage my image. If you want to really know about me ask me you’re still I have paperwork proving my Status as far as having a disease. And furthermore no one can carry trigonometry for 3 years. I researched it and it is a curable disease. Right now I am just so hurt that someone would try to damage a person’s career by making false allegations like this. To make a long story short she’s my number one hater. Thank You Courtney P.

  2. Anonymous Lady // July 28, 2015 at 12:14 am // Reply

    My intention of posting the information was not to ruin a man career that has a slim chance of rising to fame, but I wish the father of my kids the best of luck! Hate is a very strong word. If I knew I couldn’t remove the content from this malicious website I dug up, I wouldn’t have posted it. The real story is, he and his woman came to me saying that me and him together gave her Trichminasis. Before my test results could come back stating that I was negative, I took matters into my own hands and found this website. I would never get mad if a man wanted to move on, because life still goes forward, but when I have been nothing but nice and kind and your lover, and you and your woman go playing games with my life likes it’s a joke, eventually somebody is going to get hurt. But I’m here to clear the air cause wrong is wrong. No, this man does not have Trich, and not wanting me and to defame his character has nothing to do with my intentions of what I posted. I didn’t know how to walk away at the time and I was trying to hold on to what the devil gave to me. I’ve been hurted many times and constantly forgave him for every single tear drop, but I hope to see him in court very soon, we also have a few other legal businesses to yet tend to.
    -All things happen for a reason

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