Colleen Sullivan New Jersey

’m so ready to tell everyone. Well Colleen Sullivan’s mother contacted my Husband Dennis on Facebook. Blah blah all about her daughter wanting to see him. Lmfao seriously chic you see we live in Florida and we have a family. I guess being Colleen has four children and no man, she wanted to take mine.
Well we moved back to NJ in April. My choice not his. He didn’t want to come back. Anyways they started in boxing each other privately gave numbers and from there they started talking. For 2 months I seen and knew what was going on. I was just stuck. No job, no food for my children. Struggling as the a****** was running around with this broad. He can’t take care of his 5 how an wtf was he thinking? She has 4. Lol pathetic. Well I myself was going through some rough times with mammograms and having obgyn issues. Hmm why 42 yrs of my life never. 10yrs with him never any issues till this broad. Now he has genital warts..ewww so gross.
Thanks Colleen. I’m having issues with HPV. Thanks homewreckin hoe. He’s sorry I know he is but as I told him he should’ve left me not sleep with me and a hoe.. that’s totally disrespectful. Well I’m done.
I love me too much to deal with this bs. .It’s funny, I know people from Bayonne and believe me I will tell.. I’m not ashamed. He and Colleen should be..

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