Clare Martin Allen Texas

Nik, Clare Martin aka Clarissa Serrato is 42 & never worked a day in her life. Unless you count putting on lipstick, sponging off of men and draining them of their Sony-Ericcson 401(k) work. Clare is a sociopath & infected with sexually transmitted diseases. She try to act like Mom of the Year on Facebook. Her boyfriend David knows she cheats on him, tho he mustn’t care. Clare took up with him 2 yrs ago after bankrupting her ex-husband. David already had to downsize houses to keep feeding Clare ‘ her expensive taste. Clare is always hanging at Shops of Legacy and The Galleria hoping to be discovered. She overshares on social media- selfies of her in bed sick, her son doing housework, trips, and probably checks in at the bathroom toilet. Cracks us up that Clare say she hates putting her business out there, she is all about drama & posts slanderous posts on others she jealous of. Clare can’t be a Real Housewife, David will never marry her. See her before and after makeup.

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