Clare Martin Allen Texas (214) 718-0533

Clare Martin aka Clarissa Serrato is 43, never worked a day in her life unless you count putting on lipstick and bankrupting men in divorce. Clare hangs out at The Galleria and Shops of Legacy in hopes of being discovered. Getting ex hubby’s Sony Ericsson 401k money made her feel rich. Clare got boyfriend David to keep her fat gross ass. Clare gained 100 pounds in a year. David ALREADY had to downsize houses to feed Clare. She is a terrible mother but try to act like mom of the year online. Her son like his dad and step mom better-ex husband really upgraded with his new beautiful wife that he actually loves. Clare is 1 CPS call away from losing custody. She still overshares online, taking selfies if herself when sick, her mounds of food, her fat friends she surrounds herself with to feel better, and even checks in at the bathroom toilet. Always stirs up drama with others. Good for her goal of being on Real Housewives of Dallas. Unfortunately, she won’t be a wife as required for the role, cuz David will never marry her. Who would want to awake to such a fat gross snoot like Clare’s? Her voice sounds like a man too. See her ugly photos on Instagram @martinclare

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