Chloe Petry of Texas

This person is a Transgender Female (pre-op) She goes under the name of Chloe Petry but the real name is Blake Petry. He/She is Prostituting on where I met him/her- Her last boyfriend was known to have Herpes and she has tested positive and has broken out with it already. Her Last boyfriend is Joel Farmer who lives with his parents in Kentucky whom she claimed Raped her anally repeatedly. If you google Joel Farmer you will find a thread about his involvement in a Gangbang and him giving herpes to another guy. Chloe/Blake Petry has given me Herpes. I was told by Chloe that I was her ONLY client and I paid her money to sleep with me. Chloe also said that she was tested monthly for STD’s at the local free clinic. After investigating this person I learned that Chloe has been hooking for awhile and has had several lovers and she admittedly told me that she does not use condoms often and she’s just gotten lucky but was recently tested and came back clean. That’s what I get for trusting a whore. I thought that there was a relationship and even left her alone in my house only to find out that she went through my belongings probably looking for money. Chloe is on and off on Facebook due to the fact that she has another boyfriend and I have contacted all the men I could find on her FB letting them know that Chloe had herpes and had given it to me. Chloe goes by the names, Chloe TS, TS ChloeDoll, Chloe Petry, Blake Petry, Chloe Nicole, and Chloe Nicole Petry. Chloe Petry’s Phone Number is 409-670-2327 and 409-670-2509. One phone is her hooker hotline. She lives in Orange TX and not Houston like she claims. Her address is

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