Chanelle Prettyfly Francois

ease roast this Thot she constantly sending pictures to other women boyfriend’s and husbands. We used to be friends until I found out she was #ucking my man behind my back. We were friends for almost 7 years. She’s had multiple abortions and an std. She also happens to work as a social worker here in#Washington. She’s
‚Äč has had incest with her family members. Her own mother doesn’t mess with her because she slept with her moms boyfriend at the tender age of 15. She’s been in and out of foster homes she claims she’s a bad bitch but she’s a troll. She’s shaped like a broken crayon. I cant believe that after all these years she would do this to me! She also is stealing money from the government, giving her friends extra food stamps and cash and taking a cut. I know because she did it for me. Mind you this this whore is married, but ive seen here#uckcountless men. She has low self esteem. She’s front like she’s balling, but this trick has nothing. Ive been there for her through all her abortions, and even when she had chlamydia. She cant find a man of her own, so she’s always the side chick. Claims she’s been proposed to 10 tens by who apes and roaches???!!!! She has the #DennisRodman#disease if you’re friends with her watch your back. She has no edges whats so ever, that’s why she’s always wearing wigs. She’s 34 years old and still trolling dating sites for #ick. She’s had order of protections put on her because she’s mentally unstable, once men hit they dont want to be with her so she starts stalking them and there family via social network. Her moms was a crack head, but even she had more morals than this scunt bucket. If you want some free head, or #ussy she is the one u call. She will tell u she’s loves u in a week, by the next week she’s wants to have your kids and get married. She has Herpes and chlamydia

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