Brandon Aguilera(also known as darvin omar charvez aguielara)

I met him and he was really nice and sweet. Said how he dreams of finding a woman to settle down and have kids with. He said he was laid back, easy going and a romantic and not looking for games. He took me dancing and listened to me and made me laugh. Once he knew he had me he started acting mean. He would push me on the floor started back in January 2014. Soon led to bruises on my arms and body. I soon found him on dating websites claiming to be single. even his facebook on valentines day i saw he was trying to meet up with a girl I guess to have sex with her(hence he said he may not make it for vday). He has countless times complimented other women from all over the usa calling them beautiful and he will see them soon. He even had the balls to have on of his “friends” call me and she straight up lied for him. He said they were just “friends” just like on his face book his “friends” . Please by all means add him on facebook Brandon Aguilera. You’ll see how much he didn’t claim me the WHOLE RELATIONSHIP! I am currently pregnant by him (Yes im hormonal and upset by his douchebag behavior even a baby aint changing him)and he disappeared shortly after I told him. He lied to me about his name and age as well as the other women he was seeing or talked to behind my back. He gave me an STD thank god was curable. He seems to also be a deadbeat dad. He always says he just works and goes home false he goes out with his friends(who also act single and cheat on their wives and do drugs) He is very abusive mentally and emotionally and has left bruises on me before. I am now trying to walk away but I need help for the baby. Now he is saying it isn’t his but I know damn well it is. I have never had sex with any other man past year and half. He always said I was cheating and still does. You know what they say the one who points the finger is the one who is doing so. He held me down out and got me pregnant. He knew I wanted to finish school and get my degree. Now it looks like my life is a taking a turn to carry this child (no insurance no support from anyone including him) so I am looking into adoption(he doesn’t know). I am barely making it by and don’t even have a car yet. I have had no support from him. He has called me stupid and a whore/slut/bitch countless times. He works a lot but is “broke” all the time. He lies about everything underneath the sun. Watch out he will be nice and turn on you in a minute once he has you. Now I understand why he is 39 and hasn’t been married or had anything steady. Also what the football player Rice or whatever did that his girlfriend he said she deserved it and more. Watch out he lives in Charlotte, NC SUCH a waste of human flesh.

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  1. apparently he is on thanks to this site. I found him talking to hookers and black women on zoosk but this site really put the pieces together…whether he uses his fake name or real name he still pulls up. thank you this should be this reason I am not talking to him again. He lies alot a lot alot i have hpv from him not curable! and baby is miscarried because of what he gave me please dont let him fool you says he is a christian….sorry there is more I could say. He really hurt me bad watch out

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