Basilio Concepcion– Gave me an STD

this man i met online and we met and he came to my house a few times and we had sex. he liked it rough and would tie me up. he was kinda crazy but he seemed nice and said he was a christian and he was single. he started to be very controlling and jealous if I talked to other guys. He was charming and told me he wanted to have a relationship with me. Then I didnt hear from him anymore. he was meeting girls in chat gilr in the chat room was very young and she told me he did the same to her. He lives somewhere in westchester county and I think he is married and has kids. I had an std after I was with him a few times. he gave me crabs..he seemed nice but beware he is charming and nice looking but he is dirty into rough sex and he enjoyed degrading me. He was crazy. Stay away from him..warning girls!

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