Anthony McElrath, Lancaster, PA, Lancaster County

Anthony is a narcissistic, cheating loser. He was engaged to a really great girl and was trying to get her pregnant. All the meantime he was having sex with me and telling me that he was single. He is now up to 3 women that he gave an STD – including his fiancé!!!! He knowingly gave the STD to all these women without one regard for them.

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  1. Anthony has Herpes and has given it to at least 2 women. He also gave Trich to at least 5 women. He lives with one woman but has multiple women that he’s seeing on the side. When the main girlfriend figures out that he’s a cheater and a liar, he then moves on to one of the side girls. He loves to claim that he’s changed but nothing has changed. He did these same things to his girlfriends and kids’ moms 8 years ago! From the women that have talked, he’s literally cheated on every single one of them and given some std to every single one of them, too!

    He comes off as a great guy, loves to act like he’s been done dirty by so many women. When in reality, he is a serial cheater and uses women. He also loves to get women pregnant and then deny his children.

    He is a sick man and nothing will ever change!! So unless you want your heart broken and to get an STD, ladies, steer clear!!!

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