Andrew “Drew” “James Lee” Forney

CHEATING LYING DIRTY DIRTY BOY!! After 3 years I find out he is trying to have sex with a co-worker, got caught and received a public indecency ticket (lol), I stuck by him, listened to his lies spew from his mouth every second he turned around, fast forward about a year, after a night of strip clubs, trying to hook up with random girls but was unsuccessful because his *boyhood* would work he came home and lied some more, Ladies I know you all know there is way more but its a long long story, I ended up “falling” down the stairs and being injured and not being able to work. Instead of being a man, this loser QUITS HIS JOB 4 months later because he needed a break the snowball effect starts and I just ended up not having the surgery I needed since bills were piling up and he was still on a break, meanwhile fast forward 5 months and now I am homeless with my son trying to figure out our next move (yes my son is safe with my family) while he is living at his “buddys” house having a roof over his head, food and a shower. He has decided the manly way to handle this is put the blame on me, AFTER HE SLEPT WITH A METH HEAD WHORE WHO GAVE HIM HEP-C AND SEVERAL STDS he so kindly tried to pass on and share. My house was robbed and everything has been taken, by his friend no less, me and my son have nothing and this douche canoe waste of space has all his wants and needs met. So after pulling my own head out of my ass and seeing what Ive been blindsided by, I see he has been sleeping with women from craigslist personals and several “100% guarantee free sex” web sites he is registered on and has had interactions with. NOT TO MENTION LADIES HE HAS NO CAR, NO JOB, AND IS A LAME. STAY AWAY FROM THIS MOOCHING, CON-ARTIST GAME PLAYING CHEATING WASTE OF SPACE!!

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