Andrew Donnelly

I was with Andrew his nickname is Drifter a.k.a drifty guy. I was with him for a year and a half. I noticed bumps on him after a year of being with him. He told me that a doctor said those bumps were normal. On November 9th of 2010 I went to a clinic and to my surprise tested positive for hpv genital warts. Those bumps were not normal. It is possible for this std to go dormant and not stick with you forever but there is no guarantee. Your body has to want to kick it out. There is no test for men the only way to know if you have it and are a man is to show visible signs of it. I have chosen not to register myself due to the fact that I am in a monogamous relationship and engaged to be married. And unlike andrew i told this person about my std before we were even a couple! So i give andy an F for failer to tell the f-ing truth to the one person he claimed to love! Also Andy was with a girl after we split, who he told me that he had told her about the std but later told me that he said that just to make me feel better. Also he told me he slapped this girl (i worried a long time that he would become abusive with me but he never did just mentally not physically)

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