Amanda Marie Oakes

Amanda Marie Oakes
Jefferson County mo
genital herpes
knowingly spreads it.

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  1. Amanda oakes // July 31, 2015 at 3:45 pm // Reply

    This is bs! I don’t not do this nor have this! Whoever runs this site better take this shit off now !

  2. Amanda oakes // July 31, 2015 at 3:46 pm // Reply

    This better be taken down now! I do not have genital herpes nor spread it knowingly!

  3. Feel the rage // December 24, 2015 at 12:24 am // Reply

    Yes she does, she got it from Lewis Davis and still knowingly spreads it.

  4. Cuh motha fkn ody // December 24, 2015 at 12:41 am // Reply

    She does indeed have genital herpes and she did get it from Lewis davis. I don’t not know if she “knowingly spreads it” anymore but she did at one time. She is still a whore and actually known around the Arnold Fenton and Jefferson County areas as being the “village bicycle”. She’s drop dead gorgeous and trust me when I say it’s not easy to say no to but do yourself a favor and run the other way.

  5. For one, I would like to know who posted this apparently they have herpes and got it from Amanda Oakes, it is easy to blame other people and blast them but not blast yourself, for another they blasted Lewis Davis without knowing the whole story, for another Amanda Oakes also has genital warts, and uses the law to condemn man in jail for her psycho episodes and cause many guys to kiss away money on her playing a victim.

  6. For one, I would like to know who posted this apparently they have herpes and got it from Amanda Oakes, it is easy to blame other people and blast them but not blast yourself, for another they blasted Lewis Davis without knowing the whole story, for another Amanda Oakes also has genital warts, and uses the law to condemn man in jail for her psycho episodes and cause many guys to piss away money on her playing a victim.Amanda is no victim she actually knew everything and very much played a role in a giving manner, so whoever wants to play a victim is surely responsible for their own action.

  7. Fuck that bitch // September 5, 2016 at 6:24 pm // Reply

    I would have to completely agree with the following. One of my good friends just got fucked over by her really bad. She basically used and gave him herpes. When he confronted her about it. She made it all about her and how she was fucked over. Talking to the many guys she’s fucked over. Her trick is she does it and wants you to retaliate so she can once again be the victim. She is very sneaky at what she does and be warned anyone who has had this happen to them. Let the world know what kind of monster she is. She only cares about the person she sees in the mirror everyday and as long as she is happy you are fine but the minute you stand up to her she runs. She runs like the fucking bitch she is. I’m a firm believer in karma she’ll get what’s coming to her one day

  8. Fuck that bitch // September 5, 2016 at 9:10 pm // Reply

    It wasn’t until it was too late that one of my good friends was fucked over hard core by this trailer trash. She claims that she is the victim in every situation she is in. As long as you pay the bills and everything she is fine. If anyone looks at this website I would have to strongly advise you run and not just jog run in the opposite direction. She is a monster behind that blonde hair and blue eyes is a mental murderer. She will tell you she has herpes and make it seem like she had no control over how she got it. She then will control you and complain about something wrong all the time. She used one of my friends for 5 months and in that time had him steadily convinced. He then confronted her about possibly getting herpes and she left him for that reason! She is not to be trusted I assume these posts are people that know her from the past few years. She will continue to do this. It’s even worse now because that whore is moving her way to south county. Once worked at hooters and now works at 54th street on Lindbergh right next to Ronnie’s movie theatre. The last thing I will say is do not trust her and absolutely do not let her move in and if you are drunk enough to sleep with her God help you. She belongs in a jail cell because essentially what she does to guys is wrong. She makes herself look like this innocent person which in reality she is the on that is so fucked up in the head. Don’t be fooled like we all have been. She needs to have that vagina sown shut she can’t hurt anyone anymore. Idc how fucked up you grew up innocent people don’t deserve it

    • If she slept with you before telling you she had herpes take her ass to jail. File a police report and get her nasty ass off the streets. She’s been tested and it’s on record.

  9. Fuck that bitch // September 8, 2016 at 3:52 pm // Reply

    Shakeweight, I do know she told my friend. I don’t want to disclose to much information on this site. She used him and manipulated him however. People just need to be on the watch out. She will do it again.

    • Fuck that bitch, yeah I feel ya. Find solice in the fact that one day she will fuck over the wrong guy and get what she deserves. She’s been like this since losing her virginity at 12 to some 18 yo dude named chad. She’s been a whore every since. “Hoes like a doorknob everybody gets a turn” she fucked everyone from the neighborhood she lived in and I mean everyone. I was luck enough to stop fucking with her before she caught something and when I found out she had herpes I was like finally she might stop spreading her legs but apparently I was wrong. She’s never been loyal to a single guy she’s ever been with. I’ve known her for years and can assure you that any future dudes she dates will be on here blasting her eventually.

  10. Whoever made this about her is completely wrong. She’s a very sweet innocent girl. People are so fucked up in the head. They better hope I never find out who did this

    • Cuh moth fukn ody // September 19, 2016 at 12:24 pm // Reply

      Lol no she’s really not. She is the definition of a hoe. I wish I could name 1 dude she’s actually been truly loyal to but I can’t and I’ve known her for a long fucking time. Since she was a little kid actually. I’ve never fucked with her on that lvl but from an outside perspective I’ve seen her grow up and turn into the “doorknob” that she is. Wrap your dick up get it wet if you wanna risk it but don’t fall for her self pity routine. She will never be loyal to anyone and I’ve seen a ton of good guys truly good guys fall for her and get shit on because of it. Good luck to whomever is the next victim.

      • Cuh mutha fukn ody // September 19, 2016 at 12:39 pm // Reply

        No matter what she says she wasn’t a victim in receiving herpes but knowingly accepted it from Lewis because they were “in love” and for some reason guys still want this??? She never been a victim. She talked trash about her dad everyday of her life but wanted the sympathy card when he passed. She never had a truly “rough” life. Wasn’t peachy but it wasn’t horrible either. She accused a guy named brandon of raping her but then fucked him on a daily a year later. No matter what she says shes a compulsive liar. Shes really good at manipulation and begging for pity. This is coming from someone who loves her deeply and unfortunately always will but wouldn’t touch her if someone paid me too. She’s ruined alot of guys lives and sadly will continue to do so if given the chance. Good luck to the next guy on her list I feel for you bro.

        • Oh and Andrew nice try to cover your ass. I did this lmao and it’s all true. But just for future reference just because you change your username your profile pic is tied to your email so kudos on being a dumb ass. Hahahaha

    • Have you seen her std results from a doctor. Why doesn’t she post that for confirmation.

    • Have you seen her std results from a doctor. Why doesn’t she post that for confirmation.

  11. Andrew branca // September 22, 2016 at 1:18 pm // Reply

    I apologize. Everything anyone says about her is true. I live with the mistake I made in letting her in to my life but she’ll get hers one day and I’ll be there laughing. Legally there is nothing I can do at the moment but I’m looking in to it. She’s fucking crazy. She’s in it for herself. Can’t wait till she does it to the wrong guy and she pays dearly I believe now everything everyone says on this site when there’s 4 other people blasting her for what I did and I’ve never even met them there is a problem but hey fuck that bitch she better hope I never see her in public again

  12. Andrew branca // September 25, 2016 at 1:34 am // Reply

    To everyone on this website. Before I leave a comment on this website I will say that this will be my last one and then I’m kicking this website to the side and moving on with my life. Usually I’m not one to judge people for what happens to them throughout there life. Maybe I should have in this particular situation. What she is and how she uses people and what she stands for is wrong. I’m not going to sit here and say it’s all her fault but I was the idiot that out my trust in someone like that. But she can sit here and say whatever she wants she can play the victim she can sit there and say oh he’s making it all up. Don’t think she will. She’ll date again I know her like the back of my hand. It’s sad people are like they are. I don’t really give a shit anymore though I’m more mad at myself at this point. Am I ashamed to put my name all over this website absolutely not. She saw an opportunity and she took it she should honestly try out for acting because it was the best act I’ve ever seen. After pissing away money and throwing my reputation out there I really don’t give a shit no was nothing but nice to her showed her respect but hey. You don’t have to believe me I’m sure I’m looked at as the asshole that took advantage of her which is the furthest thing from the truth. She can sit there and bash me and say this and that. The right people my family my close friends know her for who she is and warned me. I do have evidence however on my phone screenshots of messages between her and other people I have all the information I know I’m not in the wrong. Hopefully in the guys she “dates” look at this and know what kind of person she is. So thanks everyone for the heads up a little to late
    But better now than never. Also if she wants to use the whole victim card on Lewis again let’s just say I wouldn’t blast him because he’s not the crazy one. Honestly when you leave me and then go hang out with him and fuck with his head some more and then come back and leave again. It’s no wonder she has the reputation she does. Shit and I only knew her for five months. Good mother fucking luck to the next guy I’ll say my prayers for you.

    • Cuh mutha fukn ody // September 27, 2016 at 12:36 pm // Reply

      Dude she’ll never settle down. Just feel lucky you only wasted 5 months. Trust me I get it. The bitch is bomb but in the long run she has herpes and god knows what else now. You could be mister perfect and for whatever reason she would still cheat. If your dumb enough to drop your balls in her mouth like I was than my only advice to you is to pound it out but don’t get attached. Use her as a solid side chick that’s what I did and it would pretty well until I unfortunately became attached. Make sure you hit your closest health clinic after you bust though cause she 100% has herpes and by now she could have worse. If there is a worse.

      • Oooooohhhh Kayyyy guys understand u all have some butt hurt going on but let’s get to brass tax and get to the real issues at hand… Who the f**k is going to bring me my hot pickle and honey bbq twist now…. 🙁 #feeddababe

        • Bro your gross and have herpes too. Gtfo haha

          • See butthurt is strong with you sir. McMahon I heard prep h is good for rectal pain and discomfort. They even have bonus sizes considering the obvious amount of anal pain you are experiencing

  13. she looks hot

  14. Lewis is a bitch // December 26, 2016 at 4:26 am // Reply

    Lewis you are the definition of a pussy. I would suggest you take that pickle and stick it up your ass but you’d like that to much. you beat and manipulate women. Watch out we have a real hard ass on here

  15. Just fucked her last week with a condom of course. Will sleep with you no matter what. Didn’t know she had a page on her. Thanks to the anyonomous tipper for setting me off

  16. lol y’all stupid now I know these people are all full of shit because Whoever hoebagg is, is lying I haven’t slept with anyone ???? This whole thing is pathetic. None of you have anything better to do then talk shit on me with false accusations. How about you all go get lives and stay the fuck out of mine. Pathetic excuses of men you all are ????????????????✌️

    • Didn’t know she was like this will never speak to her again. She obviously has issues she needs to address karma is a bitch. She’s never worked hard for anything. Luck eventually runs out and when she is left alone she’ll understand. It sounds like we are dealing with an immature 20 year old. When you use men it will come full circle. She doesn’t deserve to be happy sounds to me like she’s the reason behind a lot of guys breakdowns. But she will get what is coming to her but that’s what you get when you deal with a sociopathic liar. She feels no emotion and has no feelings. The only things she cares about is money and sex but when no one wants to touch that bitch with a ten foot pole she’ll understand but no I guess every guy on this website is the bad guy. Lol sounds to me like a little therapy needs to take place. And they aren’t false accusations I talked to Andrew she gave it to him and left him.

      • She’s actually a really down to earth girl and just wants to find happiness. She’s done nothing but try to love people for who they are. Sounds like she’s been fucked over a lot but that’s just my opinion. I might marry this girl just for always being honest with me and sticking by my side through the years. So all of you people hating on her should be ashamed of yourselves. She’s turning her life around and I completely respect her for that, I’m sure you all will cry when she is taken by me forever

        • Okay good luck she was gonna marry all of us too. Number 29 I repeat number 29 goodbye

        • Andrew Branca // January 27, 2017 at 3:00 pm // Reply

          Ok. She was going to marry me too. I suggest before you start making assumptions about how down to earth she is you talk to both sides not
          Just listen to her. But marry her please you’d be doing me a A lot of people favors

          • Andrew branca you’re a bitch dude. She told me all about how you took off the condom you little creep, you were probably trying to do something on purpose just because you know how she felt about situations. How about you stop playing the victim and man up grow some balls little boy

  17. Why has no one put her on porn hub or xnxx yet?

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