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  1. I don’t have herpes and If you had a issue why not address me instead of making shit up

  2. Bitch you have herpes cuz you gave it to my husband. You a dirty slut.

  3. mama im sorry about the way things went down on the phone . im sorry that your husband was unfaithful to you I did not know he was married and if I did I would have never let him come to my dorm room .your husband didn’t want me as soon as we met he wanted my roommate and that upset me so much I left to another friends room in the morning he bought stuff so she coulf=d cook him breakfast . I don’t know what they did but I can assure you I didn’t touch your husband andi don’t have herpes im willing to do a std test to prove to you that im not lying im sorry I didn’t handel things differently earlier you caught me at the worst time

  4. Hey Alisa, Karmas a B I T C H ain’t it?

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