Alicia Procello Genital Herpes

Alicia Procello Maddox gave my cousin Genital Herpes and is not the person she portrays herself to be. Alicia is a Vice President at a corporation and President of its foundation, with a global outreach program focusing on helping impoverished children receive a better education. She has shown more concern for other children, than her own two boys and kept her family intact. Giving their children a different experience of family than what she experienced was not her goal.
This much I know…..She NEVER told my cousin she had severe Genital Herpes before infecting him with it. After informing her first husband he divorced her and another broke off their engagement, my cousin loved Alicia when others would not as she was a severe Genital Herpes carrier. Alicia lied to my cousin about how she contracted Herpes, blaming it on the guy she was engaged to marry in her early 30’s. She also lied and falsely accused him of domestic violence in hitting her while separated, which the Pasadena DA rejected her claim after investigating, as did LA County courts when she had the case moved and set for trial with a judge presiding over it which she lied under oath stating my cousin hit her. In fact, their two sons grabbed Alicia and told her to stop hitting, kicking, and pulling their dad. Alicia requested their sons see a child psychologist, hoping to strengthen her relationship with them but their sons want to be with their dad.
Alicia’s mother Barbara Hunt also attempted to have my cousin arrested telling the Pasadena Police Department he assaulted her at their sons Pre K. While at the Pasadena Police station, Barbara called my cousin from her cell hoping he would not pick up and handed her cell to the Police Officer to speak with my cousin. I’m sure the officer had an adequate amount of phones to use. The officer spoke with my cousin as well as the Pre K school the boys attended, and found that Barbara also lied and was asked to leave the Pasadena Police station.
Alicia asked Avery Dennison’s IT department to block his emails, but she initiated and continues to send him emails from her work address as well as mail correspondence on Avery Dennison letterhead. Alicia is the product of a broken and dysfunctional family and it shows in how she treated her own family. My cousin made twice the salary Alicia did, so prior to getting married they paid off Alicia’s new car and all of her school loans. My cousin is very involved in both his sons lives and they simply wanted to remain a family, but she has and continues attempts to remove him from their lives. Without regard for anyone dealing with Genital Herpes for the remainder of their life, Alicia got what she wanted, children! I feel Alicia’s plan was to get rid of my cousin, considering after the birth of their first son and during pregnancy with their second she left my cousin and stayed at her dads house for a few days. She was upset about his travel schedule at the start-up company he was working at, Post the birth of their children,

With all this being said, he loved Alicia UNCONDITIONALLY!

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  1. All information stated about Alicia Procello has been court documented in Los Angeles County Superior Court. The gentlemen in the photo with Alicia is incorrect in his statements supporting her lies about my cousin. His mother and sister attended the Domestic Violence hearing, and witnessed Alicia lying about my cousin. As mentioned in the STD report on Alicia, the LA Superior Court documented her giving my cousin Herpes, also denying her domestic violence and restraining order charges against my cousin. Alicia has lied so much that her initial attorney Jan Quiglia removed himself from representing Alicia. Two of her sorority sister and spouses used and recommended Jan to Alicia, but we told him that was a bad idea. Memorial Day 2018 my cousin told us Alicia is taking him to court again June 7th. They separated early 2012 and she is still taking him to court attempting to reduce his custody time. We have all talked about this, herpes or not he will never leave his boys.

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