Alicia Procello, California

Alicia Procello is the worst type of human being there is. She has lied repeatedly to get what she wants. She lied to my cousin and was not forthcoming about having HERPES. Her first husband divorced her after telling him she had HERPES. Alicia told my cousin she divorced him for not visiting her at college. Years later her new fiancée broke off their engagement, after Alicia told him she had HERPES. Alicia told my cousin she broke off the engagement as he was cheating on her with white women, while they lived in Boston.

Now married to cousin. Alicia accusing my cousin of domestic violence. The Pasadena DA investigated the accusation, but found no evidence of domestic violence and dropped the case. Alicia then had the case moved to Los Angeles courts to be heard before a judge. After investigating the case and speaking with both Pasadena DA and Pasadena Child Protective Service, Los Angeles courts denied Alicia domestic violence finding no truth in her story.

Remaining with Alicia after she gave him HERPES giving her a family when no one else would, we told him he was a fool to do so.

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