Alicia Procello Avery Dennison

Alicia Procello gave my cousin Herpes and continues with attempts to have him arrested. Alicia’s new boyfriend Wesley Hall, tried to initiate a conversation with my cousin at Alicia’s home while Alicia was video recording the conversation with her phone. My cousin said no unless Alicia stops video recording, so he asked her to go back in her home. Alicia then stood in the window continuing to video record the conversation. Alicia has tried to have my cousin arrested twice and her mom Barbara Hunt one time, both perjuring themselves in court and at the Pasadena Police Department.

Alicia should stop and allow my cousin to live his life and enjoy their children, but she will not. She lied about why her first marriage ended in divorce, as well as her fiancé broke off their engagement. She has what she wanted children, but she didn’t have them alone.

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