Aengus Linehan of HPE has numerous STDs and STIs

Aengus Linehan of HPE Hewlett-Packard Enterprise in the San Francisco Bay Area California is 76 years old, married thrice, a father of 5 kids and 7 grandchildren, has tested positive for HIV, has AIDS, yet he routinely blows money on escort services often seeking girls in their teens for personal sexual pleasure. Aengus Linehan is single highhandedly responsible for keeping Silicon Valley’s call girl industry thriving! Haha! Aengus Linehan, who is a VP Vice-President at HP, also has had numerous affairs and flings with female staff that he is know to degrade and dehumanize with his bizarre sexual fetishes. Aengus Linehan is violent and has also been charged with sexual battery. Women everywhere need to be leery of this slimy freak Aengus Linehan!

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