Aaron Postillion AIDS infected swim teacher from Tucson,AZ

Aaron Postillion is a closet homosexual swim instructor from Tucson Arizona,he’s infected with Herpes,HPV and AIDS. He picks up girls at his Racquet club and specializes in breaking up couples,he then infects the poor stupid girls with Herpes and HPV,after he breaks up the relationship and has unprotected sex with you he will drop you for believing that he wanted to actually be with you like he said he would be if you left your man. But his real passion is being fucked in the anus by black prostitutes he meets online. I followed him home after having sex with him at my apartment and saw a flamboyant black boy go in his house and stay for several hours, I looked in the window and there he was a big bodybuilder being sodomized by the black kid on the rug in his living room. He has moved to Denver now because the story got out in Tucson. This guy is bad news.

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